Finding your way around Aalborg is really easy, since there are so many means of transportation that you can use.

1. Buses

Buses will take you almost anywhere in Aalborg and in Northern Jutland. The buses are extremely punctual and they follow the timetables that can be found on each bus stop. Timetables are changed twice a year. There is a summer and a winter timetable, due to the school year and reduction of buses during the school breaks. In the city center there is the main bus terminal located at the John F. Kennedy square and nearly all buses go from there to other parts of Aalborg and Denmark. You can either buy a bus pass or a monthly pass, and you can also buy a ten-fare punch card.


2. Taxis

Taxis will take you anywhere in any city in the world and it is not any different in Aalborg, Denmark. However, you should keep in mind that it is almost impossible to get a taxi on Friday or Saturday nights, and it is easy to understand why.


3. Train

Taking the train is another popular way to travel around Denmark. Trains are modern and comfortable and will generally take you anywhere you want to go. Not that it is essential to use a train in the very cityof Aalborg, since it is very convenient to travel by other means of transportation, but if you want to commute or travel from the North to the South of the city, or to other parts of Denmark, you will find the train to be useful and comfortable. You can buy your train ticket online or on the train station, where you will find friendly staff willing to help you and answer your questions. There are two train companies that you can use and those are DSB and Arriva. You can visit their internet sites to get further information.

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4. City Bikes

Cycling is one of the best ways to travel around Aalborg since it is cheap and it keeps you fit. In Aalborg where everything is within walking distance it is easy to use a bicycle as a means of transportation. It will also thrill all the environmentalists out there to find out that even if you do not own your own bicycle in Aalborg that isnot an obstacle, as you can rent one of the city bikes from stations around the city. There are 19 city bicycle stations with 135 public bicycles to choose from. You will easily recognize these public bicycles as they are blue, clearly marked as communal bicycles, and a bit bulky and heavy, but they are certainly the most fun way to go about the city when the weather is pleasant. You put DKK 20 in the slot in order to unlock the bicycle, you can keep it for an entire day as long as you like, and you get your DKK 20 once you return the bicycle to any one of the bicycle stations. What a fun, green and cheap way to find your way around Aalborg!


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