Things You Need to Know About Chimney Production and Maintenance

giant chimney

Over the years, the houses have been fitted with the chimneys as elements of house warming and aesthetics. If you see a house with a chimney, you definitely give that house some value. For this reason, everybody wants to have fireplaces. Chimney production companies are hence coming up in plenty to satisfy the increased demand. Whether in the industries or domestic homes, chimneys are being built. They are to vent toxic gases as well as smoke out of the homes while still warming the house. In temperate regions, chimneys are needed more than anywhere else for heat control.

After the chimneys are built, they will not last long before deterioration affects them. They are made of materials like concrete or metal that will wear out with time. Chimney maintenance is hence necessary to ensure normal functionality. Consecutive inspections after a given time interval will be fine to detect existing defects and probably do the necessary prior to greater challenges coming in. to do this, we need a clear understanding of what causes the chimneys to depreciate. We can then have an eye on them for proper maintenance of chimneys as required by the law.

What concerns the maintenance?

Chimney production companies make chimneys in different designs. They understands what maintenance is necessary. You need to work closely with them not only when you are building your chimney but also of the rest of its lifetime. For example, most of the designs will handle mostly the dry gases. Liners have to be installed to protect the chimney from this. Some chimneys only have liners partially reaching midway the chimney stack. However, a full length liner protector will be the best for high temperature resistance against damage. Invite your company to keep check of the liner condition frequently for replacements and repairs when they get worn out.

old timey chimney

Exposure to the environment

If you compare the inside part of your house to the exterior side, you will note a big difference. The outside will look old. By nature, this is due to the exposure to the active environmental factors. The sun, the wind, snow fall and rain are some of the factors. Erosion and weathering will sometimes cause the chimney stacks over your roofs to depreciate. The aesthetic and functionality of the chimney will in some way be affected. Chimney production companies are however available to deal with such cases. They will apply the necessary repairs for minor damages to make the chimney look new once more. They can also rebuild the chimney fully where the situation demands so. If you notice any cracks on the chimney, it’s better to conta  ct your maintenance company before you are forced to rebuild the entire chimney. If your chimney does break down, and you’re in need of a repair, there is a large company named Schiedel A/S which can help you.

Vulnerability to lightening

In areas where lightening is common, the chimney stack designs will require special attention. Of course, the stack will form the highest point on the house. It’s the point the lightening will strike. Material choices for the chimney production should be considerate of this. For example, the bricks will not be the best. They do not have any form of reinforcement on them. You can only expect them to crash down in the event of a lightening. Reinforced concrete will be better with steel transmitting the lightening energy to the ground.

Thermal stresssmoking chimney

The chimneys form fireplaces where heat is investable. Whenever there is a fire, the chimney will have to heat up. With the fire being ignited for certain time periods and then goes off, there are heat change patterns developed. These are very destructive to the chimney walls and flue. They will induce some stresses on the walls with time until the chimney weakens. Chimney production companies will propose several designs to curb this common problem. They will install fire backs to protect the walls behind the fireplace. Materials made for this fire back will be fire resistant for efficiency.

It is clear that chimneys will require maintenance regularly. Once per year is the best to again not make it too often. Experts from chimney production companies with specialized equipment will help you through this.