When houses are undergoing refurbishments or are being under construction, owners tend to be faced with the dilemma of which fireplace to fix in it. This is mainly due to the presence of many types of fireplaces available. The best fireplace production companies will make very many forms of fireplaces according to the client specifications. The materials used in the making of the fireplace will matter a lot. Furthermore, the type of fuel burnt in the fireplace matters even more. General classification of these structures falls under either wood, ethanol, gas burning or electric fireplaces. You need to understand how each of these functions so that you can determine its suitability in your house.chimney

  1. Wood burning

These are the ancient fireplaces that everyone will think of when they hear of the word ‘chimney.(More info on traditional chimneys on this danish website: Din Skorsten) They form a very good appearance once they are installed in the house with fire crackling. The aged will love this type of fireplace. They are usually made of stone or bricks are generally bigger in size. However, with time, different innovations have been incorporated in the initial design by the fireplace producing companies. There are hence different types of fireplaces under the traditional design. They include;

  • Open hearth – they are the oldest types of fireplaces you can find. They are just naturally made so that the smell of wood can be felt by the users. The crackling sound is also very audible. They are still in the market for those who want to preserve the old beauty but they are not the best in heating the house because they have less efficiency. They also require a lot of space and construction work.
  • Enclosed – they are similar to the open hearth type in appearance only that they are enclosed as the name suggests. The heat produced in the room is more and the view of the wood burning is similar to the open hearth with clear glass door.
  • Wood-burning types of stoves – these are the ideal design of fireplaces but fireplace production companies still manufacture them for users with smaller needs. They are open hence requiring some form of vent to take the smoke outside the room.
  1. Gas burningchimney

These will operate with the presence of gas fuel. The reason why people chose to shift to the use of gas fireplaces is that they reduce on costs with more heat given out with smaller amount of gas. They also burn fuel more cleanly compared to wood powered that emit a lot of smoke. They are also very simple to install even to houses that are not made with a chimney initially. They are also being considered as the best option to use in towns where wood can be an issue.

  • Direct vented fireplaces – these forms of fireplaces will have their vents passing through the already existing chimney or a chimney can be constructed for them. To avoid a lot of house formatting, a pipe can be used. These will be installed in any of the rooms. The flame is also made to be yellow so as to resemble the wood fireplaces which gives the ideal outlook of a fireplace.
  • Vent-less fireplaces – fireplace production companies will produce these forms to be easy to install with no necessity of a vent. The flame you will see will be blue. There are however mechanisms used to make sure that there is complete combustion.
  1. Ethanol burning

These are becoming very common due to their environmen tal friendliness and ease of installation. They can be made to be decorative for aesthetics and are available with a wide range of budgets. The ethanol burning process is clean and nor odor is emitted. However, there is less heat given out for house heating. Different types of these include tabletop and wall mounted fireplaces.

  1. Electric fireplaces

They are common these days and with high cost effectiveness. They are also very simple to fix in place. To control them, you only need to switch buttons on and off. Some are even remote controlled with very many other modern customization possible.

Talk to the fireplace production company you select for advice of the best option before you can place an order.